DateFebruary 6, 2021

Printable Elapsed Time Rulers

Give your students these elapsed time rulers to ease them measure time in a number line format where they can visually see the elapsed time. Students learn the concept of elapsed time and how to determine it with the help of a ruler. There are many ways to teach elapsed time and using elapsed time ruler as the visual time span for the students to follow is the easiest and fastest way for them to understand and map out elapsed time for themselves. Therefore, we have prepared for you the following printable elapsed time rulers. These elapsed time rulers will be helpful as a visual aid for your students whenever they are working with elapsed time.

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Printable Alphabet Capital Letters

This time we have free and printable alphabet capital letters for students to learn how to write capital letters. Introduce your kids to capital alphabet writing using these printable capital letter alphabets as the teaching resource! Capital writing is sometimes called upper case letters, the opposite of small/lower case letters. To see the alphabet letters, check out the images below!

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