DateApril 11, 2021

Printable Blank Easter Egg Templates

These blank Easter egg shapes are all ready to print, color, and cut out! Color them in just for fun, make them into Easter decorations, or use one or more of these Easter eggs to create a cute card. This huge blank Easter egg template collection is all ready for you to color and cut out! You can use it to decorate for Easter, maybe make something for your front door, or turn it into a card for someone.

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Free Even and Odd Number Worksheets

Review your kids’ knowledge about odd and even numbers with the exercises in this printable math number worksheet. Aid your kids to determine which numbers in the set are odd or even, then circle and colorize the correct digits. These even and odd number worksheets allow your kids to practice identifying odd and even numbers by classifying each number as odd or even. We have a variety to choose and they will help kids learn the basics in order to be able to recognize even numbers and odd numbers when they see them.

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Calendar 2021 Printable Templates

We are already in April but 2021 is still a long way to go.  Why go to a store when you can download and print a calendar of 2021 to finish your plans for the rest of the year? We have collected this collection of calendars 2021 printable in one page! All of these calendar templates are print-friendly. Download these printable calendar templates in the following images!

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