DateSeptember 7, 2021

More and Less Worksheets Activity

Understanding whether there is more or less of something is an important skill in Math. Throughout these unique printable more and less worksheets, students will explore shapes, numbers, weight, and more. More or fewer worksheets combine fun activities with educational tools to promote skills and enjoyment of math. The printable worksheets on this page strengthen the knowledge of kindergarten and 1st-grade kids in comparing two or more quantities. Try some of these worksheets for free!

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Learn Letters and Numbers for Kids

Our printable charts of letters and numbers for kids are a great addition to any room!  Use these colorful displays to help children learn the alphabet and numbers! Charts can be used within an independent notebook, as well as scaled-down to print as flashcards or morning board reviews. When used in a classroom setting it is recommended that you laminate these charts for durability.

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